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I forgive you.
Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ (pronounced JJJJJJJJJesus) is a resident of Vineland Island. His arrival at the island, out of all places, means Vineland might hold some holy significance.

Jesus later appears in Vinesauce Miitopia as the Great Sage who would aid Vinesauce in his adventures.


Tomodachi Life

Jesus made his debut in episode 26, getting involved in islander shenanigans like the other residents.

He interrupts Vinesauce's love confession to Cling On, likely testing the mettle of the two.


As the Great Sage, Jesus acts as a mentor figure to Vinesauce and his party.

After Vinesauce's crew defeats the Dark Lord Mike Love, Jesus sacrifices himself for Vinesauce (and likely his sins as well) to prevent the Dark Curse from possessing the latter. Jesus ends up absorbing the Dark Curse, becoming the Darker Lord. Vinny worries that he is going to Hell and getting consecutive lawsuits from both Mike Love and the Pope as a result of this.

Thankfully, Jesus is saved after the party defeats the Darker Lord in the Otherworld. This likely assures that Vinny will not get sued nor be damned to Hell.



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