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Imakuni, also sometimes known as Pelikuni to prevent confusion with the Pokemon card, is one of the Vinesauce streamers, well known for her Animal Crossing and various Sonic streams, and she appears to be one of the only streamers of Vinesauce who plays Sonic games. She comes from New Jersey and has a clear obsession with Sonic, with her Twitter profile picture even being that of a original fanmade Sonic character (OC)[1] of hers.

Imakuni has also done streams with Vinny in the past, most notably, the Animal Crossing: New Leaf crossover stream.[2] Vinny has stated that himself and Imakuni are good friends, having known each other for over 6 years, and have even gone to conventions together. They had actually planned to do the crossover stream while they were at the PAX convention together.


The earliest known time Imakuni began streaming was on November 26, 2014. Her first video on her YouTube channel was part 1 of Super Smash Bros (Wii U) playthrough, and she claims to be a semi-pro at Super Smash Bros.



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