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HOTDOG was one of the islanders that lives on Vineland Island. He first appeared in Part 20 and was famously removed in Part 22, which fans claim was murdered, and making him the resident with the shortest amount of time on the island. He was a large green hot dog and had only one small black spot, which was his mouth, nose and eyes.


Tomodachi Life

HOTDOG was introduced in Part 20 along with Banana, David Bowie and Donkey Kong. From the start Vinny disliked HOTDOG as it was plain boring hardly doing anything, never getting any relationships going and rarely wanting to play any games.

In Part 22, HOTDOG finally did something and asked Vinny whether he wanted to see one of his "funny faces" Vinny warned that if the face was not funny then he would be "gone". HOTDOG simply expanded his face and that was that, Vinny then killed off HOTDOG after lasting only two parts. To many fans this is considered one of the most memorable moments in the Tomodachi Life streams. His apartment was replaced with Dolan Duk's, another Mii that Vinny would eventually evict.

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