This page is a list of all terminology and slang that the streamers of Vinesauce use.


Vinesauce Vinny Logo Babby games
Family-friendly or E-rated games that Vinny usually streams, typically those made by Nintendo.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Bep
Any loud noise that Vinny makes.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Binyot
An intentional misspelling of Vinny's name. This is related to Vinny's gag of speaking in a thick European accent with broken English.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Buvvins
A mythical place in the sky where Ralph Bluetawn seeks to "yiff" in Second Life.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Clownjob
A sexual act involving clowns. It originated from Vinesauce Tomodachi Life, where Vinny suspects Clown and Clown Lady of doing this often.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Jabroni
A loser. Vinny sometimes calls himself and his Mii clones this for self-deprecation. It actually came from a wrestling term, used to describe a performer whose job is to lose.
Vinesauce Joel Logo Jobel
An intentional misspelling of Joel's name, often used by fans who spam his chat. The name originated from when Joel worked at a daycare, where one of the children called him "Jobel".[1]
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Lizard
A synonym for "penis". In his Binyot accent, Vinny would sometimes say that his "lizard is wet".
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Mahina pea
Lunala's verbal cry in Pokémon Moon. Whenever Lunala says this, Vinny would repeat it loudly with an exaggerated voice. It means "full moon" in Hawaiian.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Meat
A puppet earthworm character featured in a 1999 commercial for MSN. It is used by Vinny as a euphemism for the penis.
Vinesauce Joel Logo Pomp the mooscles
Bulk Bogan's catchphrase from Hard Time. He frequently says this when he is lifting dumbbells.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Quackjob
Literally means to masturbate while making duck noises. Vinny supposedly did this while in the Scoot Room during his New Leaf streams.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Scro
A combination of "scrotum" and "bro".
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Scunt
(Assumingly) a combination of "scrotum" and "cunt".
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Shüt
"Shoot" but spelled with a "ü". This term is used by Vinny and fans to describe any shooter games, such as Doom and Call of Duty.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Soot
A fan gag name for Captain Southbird.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Speen
An intentional misspelling of the word "spin". Vinny often says this in his Binyot accent whenever he is spinning in a game.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Terminal 7
A hideous neurological condition best described as the "seventh stage of brain cancer", where one's head becomes extremely inflated. It came from Vinny's corruption stream of Super Mario 64.
Vinesauce Vinny Logo Zip zoom
Scoot's catchphrase from Animal Crossing. Vinny often says it in his duck voice.

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