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GeePM was a streamer from 2008 to 2021. He is a former streamer of Vinesauce; he had left the team in 2017 due to issues behind the scenes.[1]


In 2021, GeePM backed controversial allegations of misconduct against Vinesauce, severing his ties to the community. Backlash to the incident ironically unearthed claims that he had harbored Drunkwario, a child groomer, as a moderator, to which he would admit knowledge of in a statement before purging his social media presence.[2]

In the fallout of these revelations, he went on to block just short of 9,300 Twitter followers, locked his social media accounts, and was banned from a content creators' Minecraft server he once moderated for. His husband, Zeke, also known as ZekeKingArt and Duotome also reportedly left him, despite also being identified as harassing the grooming victim into silence well into 2021.[3]

On April 17, 2021, he made an official announcement stating that he would be retiring from streaming.


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