Façade is an artificial-intelligence-based interactive story created by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern.

It has become a tradition for Joel to stream Façade every New Years. He begins with a few normal runs of the game, but then absolutely destroys them by changing the textures of objects and even Trip and Grace, which turns them into demons from the deepest depths of Hell.


You are invited over the phone to a dinner by Trip, an old friend from your college days, who is married to Grace. You promptly arrive and discover that their marriage is standing on one leg. You can try to fix their marriage, tear them even farther apart, shout UUUUUUUUUU at them for about 8 minutes, or utter "'melon" and be instantly kicked out.


  • For some reason, if you say the word "Melon" in front of Trip and Grace, they will throw you out immediately.