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The "Evil Farming Game" is a name given to a farming simulation video game rumored to exist that was said to be in a similar style to Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. The premise of this game involved the player murdering their wife and then hiding her body from the police while also tending to their farm. It was later revealed that such a game did not exist, but was a rather a false memory from a Global Defence Force stream by Joel.


The game was first mentioned on Reddit by user Sparta213 in 2016, who made a post asking if anyone remembered a violent farming game similar to Harvest Moon. The user explained that in the game, the player kills their wife and must juggle between running a farm and hiding her body from the police and the town.[1] The post gained attention and would spawn a 5 year long search that would span across social media, and it would even culminate in its own subreddit: r/ThatEvilFarmingGame. The interest in this effort surged thanks to videos by Nexpo and Whang.

On June 13, 2021, a redditor posted an animated Vinesauce fan video based on a game suggested by Joel during his 2015 stream of Global Defence Force. In the video, Joel suggests a farming simulator whose premise matched the Evil Farming Game exactly. Sparta213 would then confirm that he indeed misremembered this idea as an actual video game and that he used to fall asleep to Vinesauce videos.[2]

Shortly after this revelation, Joel felt embarrassed and guilty that his joke of an idea had inadvertently gaslighted the internet into a half-a-decade search for a video game which did not exist.[3]



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