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Doom is a 1993 video game developed by id Software. Players assume the role of a space marine nicknamed Doomguy, who fights through hordes of demons from the moons of Mars to Hell itself. The game is continued with Doom II: Hell on Earth in 1994. Doom is often credited with defining the FPS genre and inspiring similar games, as well the original game is still popular today with community-made WADs.

A reboot series began with the 2016 release of Doom, followed in 2020 by Doom Eternal.


Joel's very first stream was of the 1993 hit Doom, where viewers enjoyed it enough for Vinny to promote him to a full-time Vinesauce streamer. He held two mapping contests for the Vinesauce community: one in 2016 and another in 2019.

Joel is known to extremely hate arch-viles (but again, who doesn't?). Some contest submissions included arch-viles just to spite him.





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