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Donkey Kong (pronounced Dongley Knog) is the eponymous ape of DK Island, who has swung his way to Vineland Island. Making his debut in part 20, he appears to be one of the few islanders aware that they are in a video game.


Whilst gazing into the ocean, it is revealed that Donkey Kong knows he's in a video game. He is often seen in deep thought, possibly considering the meaning of his existence in the virtual realm. Vinny looks inside his brain and sees a polygon, possibly alluding to this.

Donkey Kong is notoriously responsible for stealing Two Faced from walrus in part 37, something which Vinny previously assumed to be impossible due to her turning down anyone who asked her on a date due to her loyalty to Walrus. Vinny theorised that DK, being aware that he lives in a game, plotted this on purpose to spite Vinny, knowing full well how to break his heart.

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