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DOS Madness is a series where Joel plays a range of MS-DOS titles notable for poor quality or absurdity, although occasionally a respectable game pops into the mix to his surprise. He uses the DOSBox emulator.

Joel's Magical Adventure (GreatFox42)

Fresh out of medical school, Joel became a qualified doctor and surgeon under the alias "Pepper" and started to work for a local hospital. Unfortunately, Dr. Pepper was not a traditionalist, and the administration did not care for his new treatment methods which, although effective, were also incredibly risky and had a high chance of resulting in death. But hey, you got to crack some omelets to break a few eggs, right? Or something like that, whatever.

Still, the uncaring administration did not see it this way, and he was transferred to another hospital. Dr. Pepper also became a satanist during this time, and decided to practice his religion while also practicing medicine. This did not go well with the new administration, to say the least. After carving up many patient's faces in the name of his lord and savior, Dr. Pepper had his medical license revoked and was thrown into the military as a fighter pilot.

Clearly there was some sort of mix-up as satanic doctors should not fly planes, a lesson the military soon learned as Flying Officer Joel Pepper caused immeasurable amounts of property damage and loss of life after crashing his plane in the middle of the desert. Ex-Dr. Pepper would not survive this day either, as the crash also claimed his own life. But hey he got a soldier's burial out of the deal so that was pretty sweet.

Joel was then reborn was a cannibalistic Hobbit named Frodo Baggins, After trying to murder his best friend, Sam Gamgee, Sam was more than happy to aid in his friend's suicide.

Reborn once more, he became Sam Gamgee and relived that day from his perspective. He saw the parts that Frodo, in his drug-induced state, did not. Namely the parts where Frodo hogged the damn bong. So Sam killed him and took the One Ring, and then wandered around Middle-Earth high as balls until he ran into the Naz'gul, where he threw his pipe at them and was subsequently murdered, allowing Sauron to claim his power and usher forth a new era of darkness.

And so ends the tale of Joel Pepper.



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