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Well I'll tell you what, I didn't think a game about jumping on trucks would ever be so good.

Clustertruck is an indie platform game developed by Swedish studio Landfall Games, who has also developed Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. The game involves the player performing parkour on a moving line of trucks, avoiding obstacles and truck crashes. The game comes with Twitch integration, allowing for viewers to affect the streamer's game.


Clustertruck was first streamed by Vinny on February 8, 2016, prior to official release on Steam. After an intense adrenaline-fuelled session of beating the game's levels, Vinny vowed to play the game again in order to beat his records.

At the beginning of his fourth stream of the Clustertruck, Vinny was pranked by the developers live via Twitch integration.[1]



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