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My name's Cling On? I'm the smartest girl I know?
Cling On

Cling On is a Vineland Island resident appearing prominently in Vinesauce Tomodachi Life. As an alien, her name is a play on Klingon, an alien race from Star Trek. She is also a flower in Vinesauce Miitopia.

Cling On is known for being a petite alien girl with a squeaky voice, who often sounds like she is questioning every time she speaks. Vinny constantly complains about her high-pitched voice, a trait which many fans find endearing.


Tomodachi Life

Cling On made her debut on Vineland Island in episode 8. She was originally created by a Vinesauce fan to troll Vinny with her squeaky voice. She however become one of the most popular characters of the series, mostly in part thanks to Captain Southbird's highlight videos since Cling On is his favorite character.

In the series, Cling On gives some odd news reports for Mii News, including one about a runaway bus stop and another about a leaf race. She had a relationship with Small Face, but the two break up after having a fight with each other.

Ever since Two Faced broke up with Walrus and her attitude became more vulgar, Cling On overtook her becoming a fan-favorite, to the point where even Vinny starts liking her more. Near the end of the series, Cling On and Vinesauce become sweethearts.


Cling On joins Vinny's party in episode 8 as an energetic flower (though the chat originally wanted her to be a pop star). She gets into a rather intimate relationship with Alpaca.


Tomodachi Life


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