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Captain Southbird is a Vinesauce fan who later would become part of Vinesauce's official YouTube channels, alongside Vappyvap88, who edited and uploaded Vinny's full streams.


Southbird begun uploading condensed edits of Vinesauce Tomodachi Life streams and later would meet Vinny himself to discuss the future of his channel and his new affiliation with Vinesauce.

After the original run of the Tomodachi Life series, Southbird continued to upload condensed edits of Vinny's playthrough of Vinesauce's Tomodachi Life, as well some other videos related to it, as well edits to Vinny's other streams, such as his playthrough of Far Cry 4 and Final Fantasy VII. He is also the creator of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, a Super Mario Bros. 3 romhack that combines elements of many Mario games into one, which Vinny streamed and Sonic Epoch, a Sonic game based upon the Saturday morning cartoon of Sonic.

After releasing the official highlights videos for Mayor Vine on Christmas of 2018, he stepped down as an editor for the Vinesauce channel. In May 2019, Southbird unlisted his Vinesauce highlight videos since he wanted more focus on his own content.[1]

As of 2022, all Vinesauce-related videos on Southbird's main channel have been privated and he is now in the process of reuploading them to an archive channel.[2][3]


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