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Nice to meet you, Expand Dong!
BonziBUDDY, in Joel's Windows XP Destruction

BonziBUDDY is the mascot character of a computer program of the same name. The computer program appears as a helper that can interact with the user, from telling jokes and asking questions to doing searches and helping with files. The program is most well-known for actually being a malicious spyware program that can install viruses on the user's computer and cause the computer to become infected with multiple unwanted programs and various problems, including changing their browser without consent.


BonziBUDDY became most well-known in the Vinesauce community when Joel streamed a Windows XP Destruction in which he attempted to infect his Windows XP OS with viruses. One of the programs Joel downloaded was BonziBUDDY. Joel now-famously entered his name as "Expand Dong", which is now a meme in the Vinesauce community.

The beginning of a legacy.

The program contained a backdoor exploit known as a Trojan that was meant to allow it to perform certain tasks but created a vulnerability that allowed viruses and spyware to being installed on the user's computer, circumventing any malware protection or other security the computer might have. As Joel first attempted to download the BonziBUDDY program, a window popped up which then redirected to a rogue pornographic website, which possibly could have had malware as well. BonziBUDDY later appeared in Joel's Windows 7 Destruction Stream, as well as being a key component in the VineMEMZ and Bonzify viruses coded for Joel's Windows 10 and Windows Vista Destruction streams by Leurak, the user behind the MEMZ virus that Joel showcased in his Windows 10 Destruction stream.

As a result of multiple claims of the program being adware and spyware, Bonzi Software was involved in legal trouble and discontinued the Bonzi program, while still keeping the webpage up. The original webpage was shut down in 2008 but is still available on mirror sites.


  • The text-to speech voice that is used for Bonzi is named Sydney and is taken from an old Lernout & Hauspie Microsoft Speech package.
  • A grave for BonziBUDDY appeared at the end of the stream highlights for XP while Joel sings "My Heart Will Go On" and laughs. On the gravestone, it says: "My greatest dream is a world without Jews".
  • Similarly to many of Joel's memes bleeding into Vinny's streams, BonziBUDDY was added to Vineland Island during the Tomodachi Life stream, during which he came to be hated by Vinny as well.
  • When registering for Bonzi Buddy in his Windows XP Destruction stream, Joel enters his email as
  • BonziBUDDY appears as a villain character in Joel's Sims 4 Meme House series.
    • BonziBUDDY has been compared to Windows 10's Cortana and ViaVoice's Woodrow (The "Help you get started!" has his voice overlayed during a bit) during the 98 and Windows 10 Destruction streams respectively.



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