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Bobby Hill is a sassy child in Vinesauce Miitopia. He lives in the town of Greenhorne with his mother Midna.


Bobby Hill is based on the character of the same name from the animated sitcom King of the Hill.


In the first episode, Bobby's face was stolen by the Dark Lord Bill Trinen. His face was used to summon the Mini Bobby Hill Slime , which was the first enemy encountered by Vinesauce in the game. Vinesauce was able to defeat the Mini Bobby Hill Slime, freeing Bobby's face and sending it back to Greenhorne.

In the third episode, Bobby wanders off outside of town. Worried that her son is missing, Midna asks for Vinesauce to find. His party later finds Bobby threatened by a group of goblins, with Karl attempting to save him. Though Karl gets beaten up, Vinesauce's team manages to defeat the goblins and save both Karl and Bobby.

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