• Verusan30

    I noticed there are a couple of other Vinesauce wikis created, probably because of this wiki's inactivity and lack of quality control.


    I think maybe in the future, we should merge all of these wikis' content into one again. I know two of these wikis on the list focus entirely on Vinny's Tomodachi/Miitopia series, but its definitely more convenient and organized to have one big wiki that covers everything about Vinesauce, than the state right now.

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  • BernkastelWitch

    Hello. I think all of you have noticed how this wiki basically has no moderation and is subject to being attacked. Well a year ago I made my own wiki to replace it:

    This one is meant to be an actual Vinesauce wiki with moderation but I notice not a lot of people truly go to it, opting to go to this one despite having no moderators.

    So I am plugging mine in here since the admin of this wiki is MIA and I think an actual, up to date wiki will help the Vinesauce fandom.

    - Bern.

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  • TheBadgerCop

    I recently found this wiki and have been making many edits on it recently. By looking though it's various pages I have seen just how out of date and disorganized it really is. From what I can tell it's been nearlly three years since the founder and most of the admins left. I have tried to bring this place up to date and fix the formatting a bit, but I am one of only a handful of people actually contributing anything. For all intents and purposes this wiki is dead. The user BernkastelWitch has said for years that she has a backup of this wiki that she is in charge of and is willing to make the replacement. She hasn't gone ahead with this for two reasons: There are still a handful of people posting on the wiki and to respect the founder. It'…

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  • BernkastelWitch

    Not sure if people still care but I notice since this wiki is pretty much abandoned, I am not sure what to do with it. I think the original founder left and barely put any mods or admins into it to help.

    What do you think the best thing to be done with it? Continue to work on it or make a replacement wiki? Just curious.

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  • Vibesauce

    idk why but i really like this wiki and i want other people to join it and talk on here so let’s have a discussion!

    as you can see from the title, what is your opinion on red vox?

    personally, i love them. they’re definitely my favorite band (i actually bought an another light cd/pster and a blood bagel cd/poster last night)

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  • Vibesauce


    i just wanted to greet everyone who still uses this wiki and say that i'm going to be updating stuff to the best of my abilities. i know not many people go on here anymore, but i'm still going to be as active as possible :)

    (maybe) see you around!

    ~ jordan

    p.s., here's a little tag yourself meme (i'm sbubby)

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  • Bandicootfan63

    I've been a Vinesauce fan for maybe a year or two now, somewhat aware this wiki existed, but today is the first time I've actually browsed it. Seems to be in...not a state of disrepair persay, but it's a lot smaller than I'd imagined. Are there any active users/admins here? And how old is the wiki (if anyone's been here long enough to remember.) Thanks in advance.

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  • Jdod1326


    September 7, 2016 by Jdod1326

    Im new here, so hi everyone

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  • Coconut35101


    August 18, 2016 by Coconut35101

    Hi this is my first log post! I love this wikia and the fandom that goes with it but not many people even know this wikia.

    That's the problem.

    Also this wikia is really unactive. I got to 4th place on the wikia in 1 hour. It would better if this wikia was actually a "wikia". Anyways bye!

    Sincerely Nobody.

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  • Aronvtc


    July 30, 2016 by Aronvtc

    now nbchoh

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  • UrbanPie The Unpieing


    November 14, 2015 by UrbanPie The Unpieing

    Hello! now you see the admins have well been inactive.

    So I think this wikia needs a Improvement: adoption.

    for you new guys adoption is when most of the admins go inactive so someone needs to fill out a thing.

    This is why how I will improve this wiki.

    1.Add rules/Improve/Make it more clearer

    2.Make this wiki more flashy, We want this to stand out.

    3.Add more pages I mean for a more then 5 month wiki 41 pages is bad.

    4.Although I am more of a Joel fan I have to agree that the Vinny pages are half ass.

    5.Make a Do and Don'ts of page making.

    6.Deal with spam.

    Finally, I might change the admin requrements but I have to think about that.

    I will try to edit daily unless somerthing major happens.

    Thank you for your time of view this,

    UrbanPie ^_^

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