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Ben Drowned

Ben Drowned is a resident of Vineland Island.

Ben is the youngest resident to come to Vineland Island on his own accord. Although he is quite malevolent in his story of origin, he is very reserved and shy on the island, making it seem as if he's "mellowed out" since then.


BenDrowned is based on the character "Ben" in the Haunted Majora's Mask ARG by Jadusable. His appearance mimics that of the Link statue that is summoned when Elegy of Emptiness is played on the ocarina, which plays a major role in the story. Despite this, he is still deemed "scary", while his long lost supposed friend Sonic.exe isn't, and was moved to Trollpasta Wikia.


Episodes 1

Ben arrives at the island and, unlike the other residents, chooses to keep to himself on his first day. He is visited by the island's owner (who gives him a furnished room and a hat right away), as well as his "cousin" and a shady looking man, but he does not actively seek out any relationships right away.

Ben spends some time rehearsing his interpretation of the song "Operation Robodachi", which he titles "Operation Robodachi Fist". The song is largely the same as it's base material, only made unique by it's random inclusions of the word "fist" as well as a spurt of incomprehensible gibberish, possibly lovecraftian in nature.

For his final act of the day, Ben plays a game with the island's owner, gives him his used potty, and indirectly insults his taste in music.


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