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Vinesauce Joel - BBQ Quest ( Joel's game from 2007 )

A picture of "Sergeant Octavious"

Do you like games? Do you like Jobel? Well this Is Jobel's game.


A man named "Kurt" was kicked out of the bbq party and his boss requested him to retrieve some CocoCola or else the boss will die of thrist. Kurt goes on a mission to find the lost CocoCola and has to defeat many enemies on the way. And While on the way he finds a partner named Metal Matias. Metal Matias is a hardcore slayer fan with his ability to summon moshpits. Kurt finds the CocoCola, Kurt walks back to the party and finds that the boss also need bbq sauce. The group of "weirdos" travel the world in search for barbecue sauce while meeting people such as Hurbert and Sergeant Octavious.

Speedrunning community Growing slowly but surely.


  • The game has an update pending, which was confirmed as a fulfilled incentive during the Vinesauce 2015 charity stream for PCRF.
    • There are multiple unused cutscenes and characters buried in the game's files, which Joel may find use for in said update.