Alpaca is an alpaca from the pro-furry dating sim Vinny played called Paca Plus, before mostly gaining popularity when she was added to Vineland Island (Tomodachi Life). She was later added to Vinny's Miitopia series as a princess class. 

Tomodachi Life

Alpaca was a resident Mii in Vineland Island, and during the series, she was in several relationships over time, including her marriage with Bonzi Buddy before he was evicted.
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Al Paca; Mii

" Kazuma kuuunnn "

- Alpaca's catchphrase in Tomodachi Life


Alpaca is a Princess character who is in a relationship with Cling On.


"Got any blow?" - Alpaca, when sad.

"Kazuma kuuuuuuun" - Alpaca's signature catchphrase